Below are some examples of my recent work.  For more information please contact me!

Lost Adult: Answers to Any Name

Written by Dan Kenndedy.  Directed by Maggie Cino.  Costume Design by Sarah Zinn.  Projection Design by Daniel McKleinfeld.  Obvious Volcano.  Photos by Jason Falchook.

2018 New York Innovative Theatre Award Nominee for Outstanding Performance Art Production.

Greencard Wedding

Written by Jody Christopherson.  Co-Directed by Jody Christopherson and Morgan Zipf-Meister.  Projection Design by Martha Goode.  Goode Productions.  Photos by Hunter Canning.


Written and Directed by Greg Kotis.  Set Design by Marc Aubin.  Theater of the Apes.  Photos by Kent Meister.

The Temple, or Lebensruam

Written and Directed by Nat Cassidy.  Set Design by Sandy Yalkin.  Costume Design by Ben Phillip.  Tin Drum Productions.  Photos by Michael Markham.

2015 New York Innovative Theatre Award Nominee for Outstanding Lighting Design.

Bonedive Scrounger

Written by Fred Backus.  Directed by Maggie Cino.  Set Design by Christiaan Koop.  Costume Design by Karen Flood.  Photos by Ken Stein.

The Blood Brothers Present . . . Bedlam Nightmares: Execution Day

Written By Mac Rogers, Nat Cassidy, and Mariah MacCarthy.  Directed By Pete Boisvert, Patrick Shearer, and Stephanie Cox-Williams.  Costume Design by Karlë J. Meyers.  Photos by Kent Meister.